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You need to check the systems of your home before you list so you won’t have surprises at the time of building inspections. If you home is older, you should have inspections done yourself and do any repairs before listing.

But you can also check your house using my FREE Information Sheet “Condition Checklist” with problems found in actual home inspections before you even think of hiring professionals yourself.The checklist is easy to get.  

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As long as there is real estate, there will be sellers who attempt to sell on their own. This website gives the prospective “By Owner” seller some insight into what is needed to sell a home so they can decide whether to try on their own or list their home (preferably me, of course)

If you are thinking about selling on your own,please check out this site first.

If you are serious about selling your home,there are certain steps you need to take before you put the home on the market.

The most important step is finding out what you home is worth.  

No, going to a website for a “guesstimate”won’t tell you the correct market value. 

No, using your tax value will not give you the correct market value.

No, using even a recent appraisal for a refinance loan will not give you the current market value.

No, it is not an instant home value from any website.

What will work?

Having an experienced real estate agent spend hours doing a detailed market analysis on your home and then coming out to see your home to make sure the results are correct is the only way you can get close to real market value.

If you are ready for that step, click on this link…..fill in form….submit it. I’ll call you to get the information on your home and set an appointment with you to look at the house.  While I’m there, I’ll go over the other factors in selling your home to make sure they are all in balance, because they all affect the price your home will sell for.


When I started real estate in 1981….and for many years after that….most of the homes in the county were newer construction.   Although builders are still finding areas to build new homes, the area has many nice established home subdivisions.

This website is to highlight some of these established neighborhoods.  I will be adding more in the future.  Check them out.


Even though you have been through the buying process, the selling process seems different…..and it is.  I’m sure you’ve got some questions.

I’ve created a FREE Information Sheet“Questions Sellers May Ask” to help you get the answers.  Get this Information Sheet, click on this link…..fill in form….submit it….watch for email.