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Believing Myths about Selling could Actually Hurt You

If you know the truth behind the myth, you could keep yourself from losing money in the sale of your home or even keep your home from selling.

I wrote a FREE Information Sheet “Myths Some Sellers Believe” to help potential sellers make those mistakes based on myths. 

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By Owner Help Center

As long as there is real estate, there will be sellers who attempt to sell on their own. This website gives the prospective “By Owner” seller some insight into what is needed to sell a home so they can decide whether to try on their own or list their home (preferably me, of course)

If you are thinking about selling on your own, please check out this site first.

PS.  If you live outside of my area and decide you want to list, please contact me to refer you to a great agent in your area.  You know they will work hard on a referral listing in hopes of getting more referrals from me and I can make some extra income. 

Want to Buy a Foreclosure Home?

Before you do, you need to learn about the benefits and potential pitfalls of buying foreclosure.  

The differences are very important to know, as well as what can be done to protect your financial interests during the process. 

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“I’ll Have No Problems with Home Insurance”

You may think that, but the Residential Sales Contract states that you should get your homeowners insurance early for a reason.  

The problem may not be with you, but with the house….and that problem could make you have to hunt for a company that will cover it….or you may even want to get out of the contact.  

Yes, it can be that serious!

Learn more about insurance by getting my FREE Information Sheet "Insurance" by clicking on this link......filling in the form....submitting the form.....and watching for the email. 

Wondering About Homes That Are On The Market NOW?

It is easy to find out exactly what is on the market right now.  

No, it is not all the websites you thing about…those who just pay for a feed from our Regional MLS.  

The best way is the websites that get the MLS feed before those sites do. They are the IDX websites of MLS members (companies and agents).

I try to make it easy for potential buyers to get my MLS search. 

Go to this link....fill in the form....submit for an email with the link to my MLS search.

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