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You Won’t Make a Mistake when You Buy a Home….or Will You?

Without guidance, you will not know if you made a mistake until it is too late.  You can get that guidance with my Information Sheet “Mistakes Buyers My Make” to help you avoid a mistake.  

It’s easy to get.   Just click on this link…..fill in form….submit it….watch for email.     

Avoid mistakes and get it NOW!


Common Buyer Questions

Most people who are getting ready to buy a home for sale have similar questions. It’s best to get the answers before you list and make an expensive mistake.

I've written a FREE Information Sheet "Questions Buyers May Have" that gives answers to those common questions.  It is easy to get a copy.  Just click on this link....fill in the form....submit for an e-mail with a link to the Information Sheet.

They are your friend because they will tell you things that are really wrong with your home that need repairing now, as well as future home maintenance that you will need to do in the future.

Once you get all your reports in, we’ll work together to figure out what you can do yourself and what you should ask the seller to fix before closing.

To learn more about Inspections you can have done, get my FREE Information Sheet “Inspections” by clicking on this link…..fill in form….submit it….watch for email.