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It's true that it will take time and a great deal of money to give your house a full upgrade. Knock out walls, tear out cabinets and pull up carpeting and you could be looking at a home upgrade bill that exceeds several thousand dollars.

A house uplift might be the cheapest uplift around

That's if you make full upgrades. But, it doesn't require full upgrades to give your house a lift. With a few minor changes, you could give your house a more modern look and feel. Find a few home decor pieces at an antique shop, flea market or roadside stand and you might even add a rare quality to your home.

To get house upgrades for less than $100, stay open to finding decor, flooring and other household accessories at off market locations. It's at these less common spots that you can avoid paying for displays and shelving fees that major retailers have been known to tack onto the cost of home goods.

Grab household goods from shops that only ask you to cover the cost of the products and you could upgrade your flooring, wall designs and bathrooms for less than $100. Specific ways to pull off house upgrades include:

  • Place hand weaved throw rugs with rarely seen designs on your living room and kitchen floors. In addition to unique designs, go for throw rugs that are hand sewn in colors that use delicate blends.
  • Sketch or paint your own pencil, oil or chalk drawings. Frame the drawings and hang them on the walls of your house. You don't have to be a world renowned artist to add a powerful signature style to your house.
  • Decorate sofas, chairs and beds with uniquely shaped and designed throw pillows.
  • Repaint the crown molding or the edges of your walls or ceilings.
  • Replace lamp shades with shades that come indifferent shapes or colors.
  • Top living and dining room end tables with green plants or plants that blossom.
  • Reupholster chairs. Instead of buying new chairs, reupholster chairs yourself.
  • Top your beds with new bedspreads, quilts or comforters.

Appreciate and use your personal creativity when looking for house upgrades

House upgrades do more than give your home a new look. Upgrades make you feel differently. Something as simple as a throw rug can change the appearance of a room. Window decor is another great room changer.

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, adding a figurine or fresh flowers to your front or back porch can give your living space a lift. Another way to give your outdoor property a lift involves adding color to your front or back yard.

Options that are open to you are as wide as your imagination, which brings up another point. When looking for house upgrades for less than $100, get creative. After all, you could create crafts, artwork and fabric based interior designs to give your house upgrades that you'll love.